Amigurumi is my love at first sight. The first time I saw it, I know I'm in love with it. Since then I have been making loads of them. I started to make them out of love and passion and then, came some who really see the beauty of it offers them a new home and I let them go to the good hands.

And now, if you ask me, yes I will answer that I do sell my amigurumis and toys. I am offering every single one that I made for a small fee (except some I might note as not for sale) because I have to buy the yarn indeed. I don't produce them in mass because I believe every single of them has their own character and personality and most of all, they are made with love... and passion. But, I do take customised order should you need them for special occasion because that is what they are meant for.

So, feel free to contact me through email (seridewi@live.com.my) or at facebook page : SERI HANDMADE should you have anything regarding to my work. I am more than happy to serve you for that. But please, serious buyer only and I am focusing on keepsake amigurumi and bears and also baby jackets/item.
Announcing here that I have already started a new blog - Serishoppe for supplies and my handmade items.

Thank you

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kit attack la pulak ...

hehe... satu kepantangan yang baru .. haha... pantang dapat offer ... ekekekekeke ari tu kak reen offer me if I wanted to buy a knitted bag kit .. eceh.. knit occay .. mrasa! padahal mak tak tahu nak knit .. kekekeke dek sebab pikirkan dlm kit itu ade yarn ... yummy ... yarnnnnn *leleh air liur... ekekekekeekk* so .. tanpa pikir panjang ... mak stuju membelinya ... maka .. setelah sekian lama menanti .. sampailah bungkusan ini .... satu kit untuk membuat beg dan sebuku yarn candy .. so yummy occay dari kak reen.... adat orang berbudi .. kita berbahasa .. tanya la kak reen berapakah ongkos yang perlu di bank in ... sekali ... kak reen kata ... consider it as a present .. what ever the occasion be ... ha???? tu dia..... FREEEEEE yoooooo huhuhuhuhu ... tak tergambar perasaan .. ecehh.. serious! sedang beli pun rasa happy .. ini pulak dapat free.. hehehe... itu candy yarn kak reen cakap utk ditambah ke "bed of yarn" mak .. hahahahah tidur sangat lena occay ... i like .. i like .. terima kasih kak reen! yippe!

errr.. ade sesiapa jeles? hehe tak baik tauwwwwwwww.... hehe

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