Amigurumi is my love at first sight. The first time I saw it, I know I'm in love with it. Since then I have been making loads of them. I started to make them out of love and passion and then, came some who really see the beauty of it offers them a new home and I let them go to the good hands.

And now, if you ask me, yes I will answer that I do sell my amigurumis and toys. I am offering every single one that I made for a small fee (except some I might note as not for sale) because I have to buy the yarn indeed. I don't produce them in mass because I believe every single of them has their own character and personality and most of all, they are made with love... and passion. But, I do take customised order should you need them for special occasion because that is what they are meant for.

So, feel free to contact me through email (seridewi@live.com.my) or at facebook page : SERI HANDMADE should you have anything regarding to my work. I am more than happy to serve you for that. But please, serious buyer only and I am focusing on keepsake amigurumi and bears and also baby jackets/item.
Announcing here that I have already started a new blog - Serishoppe for supplies and my handmade items.

Thank you

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Now I want to komen...

... hee hee.. came with the buttons is a thread heaven. Gift from Kak Reen. TQ kak Reen. It's really helpful. I was starting this sampler when Kak Reen gave me the thread heaven. First time tengok, first time jumpa, first time jatuh chenta. Ewah! Cik Seri bukanlah Cik Seri sejati andainya bungkusan dari Kak Reen takde benang kan. Hari tu dah kata syiok guna benang cotton so benang cotton ini kepunyaankew lewwww.... muahahahahaha (gelak jahat lagik)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

... so I reserved my comment. (sebab ai tau ramai yg jelesssssss) MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (gelak jahat)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Firefly Fridge Magnet

Remember this cute fella? yerp! I made another two but this time Imade them into a fridgie. One had flewn to Honey's fridge and one is still in store. Sesiapa berminat can oso contact me... tenkiu ;)


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

F for frog

yay! we have another froggie in the house... sesiapa yang berminat buleh la hubungi cik seri atau ejen cik seri iaitu cik kema na... tenkiu :)

Monday, June 22, 2009


... sejak2 beranak ramai ni ( 3 tu ramai ka?) rezeki cik seri begitu murah sekali."Harta" cik seri bertambah dengan bertambahnya kain felt cik seri. Banyak2 ni nak buat apa tatau. Oh ya! kepada yang berminat, buleh la hubungi cik kema na. Dia tokey felt.

notakaki buat cik kema : komisennnnnnnnn... hahahahah

Labu from Cik Mus

tu dia... dalam busy2 nak kawen (la ni kawen dah pun) sempat cik mus buatkan cik seri labu sebijik.. so comel...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Simple Doily

Dalam kebosanan kat rumah takde line telefon, sempat cik seri menyiapkan doily yg simple ini menggunakan yarn cotton. The yarn was so yummy tetiba terasa nak crochet gune cotton sahajerk... hehe

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Glory Glory Man United

yay! Actually the King yang minat giler ngan team ni (buleh ka cakap lagu tu?) ekekekekekek. And sebagai Queen of the house, and rakyat2 jelata yang bernaung di bawah pemerintahan tuanku, weols sokong la kan. So the King telah mendapatkan kami tiket2 ini... Bukan satu.. tetapi empat ... bermakna semua akan pergi! yay! lets?Owh, weols juga dapat pass menyaksikan training mereka.
Lets! :D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Can't Believe I did This

I started another doily (in the car) while waiting for Adeeba at school. Owh! FYI, I'm a chauffer during these days (tak pi kerja.. amik anak balik skolah mehh). So while waiting for her ( I have to go early to get the parking .. hee hee) I started this doily even my pink doily (which is another car WIP not finish yet.
The progress setakat gambar diambil

Ok ka?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bottle Cover for Dhiacoco

Mak Dhiacoco asked me to make her Dhia a bottle cover. So I made this:
Hope she likes it!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Spring Secret Pal Exchange

This is what I've sent to kavita in India. Didn't get mine but it's okay.. I believe it wil be sent in other way soon. hee hee

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Angel Online

Allah blessed me online by sending a handful of angels. One of them is Kak Wa. Knowing her from mygfl, she taught me how to make a kebarung real hard (payah na tang tengkuk tuhhh) - siap buat prototype bagai and send me - really appreciate it. She also sent me a handful of other gift apart of her great gift that is her friendship. And recently, knowing that we had Anas around, she sent him these :They are so cute and we really appreciate it. They will be in good use soon sebab Anas is not big enough to wear them yet. Jazakillahi Khairan kathira. May her good herat be blessed always. Amin. TQ Kak Wa!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Back

Miss me? ecehhhhh.... still here... not dead yet meh... haha.. Alhamdulillah kita masih dipertemukan di sini yach.... walla... me so happy kerna dapat kembali men hapdet blog kesayangankew ini....

Nantikan hapdet2 ahkak seterusnya yachh... (lama tak menulis kelu pulak rasa... ihiks!)