Amigurumi is my love at first sight. The first time I saw it, I know I'm in love with it. Since then I have been making loads of them. I started to make them out of love and passion and then, came some who really see the beauty of it offers them a new home and I let them go to the good hands.

And now, if you ask me, yes I will answer that I do sell my amigurumis and toys. I am offering every single one that I made for a small fee (except some I might note as not for sale) because I have to buy the yarn indeed. I don't produce them in mass because I believe every single of them has their own character and personality and most of all, they are made with love... and passion. But, I do take customised order should you need them for special occasion because that is what they are meant for.

So, feel free to contact me through email (seridewi@live.com.my) or at facebook page : SERI HANDMADE should you have anything regarding to my work. I am more than happy to serve you for that. But please, serious buyer only and I am focusing on keepsake amigurumi and bears and also baby jackets/item.
Announcing here that I have already started a new blog - Serishoppe for supplies and my handmade items.

Thank you

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In New Home

... with dada (Passione Stefania). Arrived safely in Italy on 20/5/2008 for EMS exchange. I'm so glad she liked it.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I just had this

Soto Ayam. Actually the paste was a ready mixed one. hehe . En. Halim of my office promoted it to me. Since Adeeba is fond of soup, especially chicken soup, I gave it a try. Taste good (see the cook la kannnnnn...) But one thing la, I forgot to make bergedils to go with it. But still sedap. keh keh keh .. Siapa lagi nak puji kan?


One of my many favourite. Made this last week. One thing about laksa - I cannot eat a bowl of it. Must have two. Ekekekekkeke

Friday, May 16, 2008

Basic Bird

Everytime people ask me to teach them amigurumi, I would recommend they try this pattern. Kudos to Hannah for giving out the pattern as free pattern in her blog - bittersweet. So, there were unsatisfied voices behind (who was that huh?) said that it's unfair for the teacher not to make one. So I made one and here it is. How?

Madison Bear

taraaaaaaaaa ! hehe a CAL with cik mus ( again) but cik mus had left me behind ( again) and finally i got to put him here ... hehe I used the yarn Clare bought for me ... and the feeling was so aaaah! I was having good time making him. so .. without further ado, presentinggggg :

Madison Bear

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Show Off time

A holiday chick from pepika
And a ... a.... actually i want to make a tatty teddy ... does he look like one?

Felt from the Oriental Pearl

YAy! again ... on Friday, I claimed MY package .. sent by adik manis Mus.. she help me buy some felt for my amigurumi addiction. And surprisely, they came with these!!!!!!Too many good thing. And they are for everybody. A ball of yarn for me, some cute buttons for me, a jam bottle with hand made crocheted lid cover specially for me, 3 flower ( i love you .. hehe) for me, a xs chart.. for me oh boy .. do I miss anything? they are sooo many!!!! Three cute sesame street character and 2 lovely scrunchies for Adeeb, a car model for Amir.. Oh everybody was very happy. yay! thank you very much adik manis. Allah bless you. amin.

Yarn from the Kangaroo Land

I was in fit when I got the package from Clare. She help me bought some yarns from the land of kangaaroo. hehe. My order was only 8 balls (plus another 4 for a friend) and they came with extras! oh boy! i don;t know what to say but to thank you Clare very much. She put some eyelashes yarn and another kind and 3/4 ball of th e8 ply to fit the box ad also some yummies for the kids and all of them are gifts from her! God bless her heart. She's an angel . A yarn angel.. kekekekekeke Thank you Clare! very very much!

MINE!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahha