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Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Frog Free Pattern

I am a HUGE fan of free pattern. thee hee hee. I really appreciate people who shares their patterns. Some are worth buying! So, today I would like to share mine. This pattern had been tested by Nancy and i thank her for helping me write my first pattern. So now, I present you my very first free pattern.

Happy Frog

-Yarn – use a yarn and hook to make a solid fabric so you can’t see the stuffing so any favourite yarn will do ; worsted weight, DK, or even if you want to make a furry frog.. not a problem.. but I use 4 ply acrylic.
- Hook - any suitable hook – I used 4/0 (2.3mm) hook
- Google eyes or patch of felt - anything
-Tapestry needle

Note: This pattern is worked in continuous rounds but if you comfortable in making it in round; it doesn’t make any different too.
Row 1: Make 6 sc in magic ring.
Row 2: 2sc in each sc (12)
Row 3: (Sc in first sc, 2sc in next sc) 6 times (18)
Row 4: (Sc in first sc, sc in second sc, 2sc in third sc) 6 times (24)
Row 5: (Sc in first sc, sc in second sc, sc in third sc, 2sc in fourth sc) 6 times (30)
Row 6-9: work even
Row 10: (Sc in first sc, sc in second sc, sc in third sc, sc 2 tog) 6 times (24)
Row 11: (sc in first sc, sc in second sc, sc 2 tog) 6 times (18)
Row 12: (sc in first sc, sc 2 tog) 6 times (12)

Fasten off. Weave in end.
Eyes (make 2)
Row 1: Make 6 sc in magic ring.
Row 2: sc 2 in each sc (12)
Row 3-4: work even
Fasten off. Leave long tail. Stuff. Attach to head.

Row 1: Make 6 sc in magic ring.
Row 2: sc 2 in each sc (12)
Row 3: (Sc in first sc, 2sc in next sc) 6 times (18)
Row 4-9: work even
Row 10: (sc in first sc, sc 2 tog) 6 times (12)
Row 11: work even

Fasten off. Leave long end for attaching body to head. Stuff. Attach to head.
Hands (make 2)
Note : The hand is made continuously at the end of the chain attached to the body
Join yarn at the 11th row of the body side, sl st, ch 12
Row 1 : 4 sc in 2nd ch (4)
Row 2 : 2sc in each sc (8)
Row 3 : Work even (8)
Row 4 : *sc 2 tog* 4 times (4)

Fasten off. Join the rounds. Secure the remaining yarn.
You can stuff the hand lightly or just leave it empty. ( I leave the hands empty)
Legs (make 2)
Note : The hand is made continuously at the end of the chain attached to the body
Join yarn at the 3rd row from the starting point of the bottom body part, sl st, ch 14
Row 1 : 4 sc in 2nd ch (4)
Row 2 : 2sc in each sc (8)
Row 3 - 4 : Work even (8)
Row 5 : *sc 2 tog* 4 times (4)

Fasten off. Join the rounds. Secure the remaining yarn.
You can stuff the feet lightly or put in some weight or just leave it empty. ( I leave my frog’s feet empty)

Use googling eyes or stitch your own eyes and mouth - shy smile, big smile, grumpy face; you choose. It's your frog after all! And don't forget to show me ;)

This is a free pattern. Make as many frogs as you want but do not sell the pattern. You may sell your finished frogs, but not the pattern. However, you are not allowed to sell items that are made commercially. The item must be handmade with your own hands. Please also give credit to where you found the pattern (although this is not required, it is much appreciated). Should you find anything to comment to make it a better pattern, please do leave me some words. I really love to see your version of Happy Frog.

Thank you.


MisFyd said...

Cool!!!You have your own free pattern! Thanks for sharing~ =)

Wonder when I can have my own free pattern to share...dunno how to write a proper one yet except my own style :p

ezyane said...

yeaaayy.. finally..hehe

sorry..ai tak sempat test pun your pattern ni hr tu.. err yu know why kan? hehe

but best.. my ticer the best..haha


Nancy said...

Congratulations on your first pattern! I'm so excited for you. I just love these frogs :-D

sue said...

fyd.. chaiyuk! chaiyuk! go girl! ala.. any style will do.. janji org paham.. ekekekek

E .. tenkiu... weol memang bes.. hahahaahh

nancy .. thank you very much for the help.. and the kind words too

Kristie said...

Too cute and cool :)
Thanx for sharing

sue said...

thank you kristie!


Hi! I´ve put this LINK on my blog



Anita said...

Hey girlie!
I wanted to thank you again for sharing your sweet little Happy Frog with us & let you know that I blogged about it (and linked to your blog & pattern). You can find the post here: http://bit.ly/9sRQlv

Love and Hugs,

Anonymous said...

This is nice, I will be trying it sometime tomorrow, would you like a picture?

sue said...

amigurumifreepatterns.. thank you for the link.. really appreciate it! you rock!

anita... i've seen it.. he's too cute! job well done! love and hugs for you too.. muah!

baeryl.. thank you .. and i really love to see the one you're making...

Anonymous said...

thank you for the pattern, i have tried it... and now i wanna show it to you... this --> http://twitpic.com/2352kf

and i made the monkey and cat with your pattern too but with little modify.. --> http://twitpic.com/234whj

once more.. thank you.. *bow*

Doris Sturm said...

These are the cutest little froggies ever! Thanks so much for the pattern! I hope mine will turn out as cute as yours ;-)

blomman said...

Thank you for sharing! They are lovely!/Lena

Ale lu said...

Thanks! come to see mine :DDD

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey! Greetings from Norway! Ive just made my first happy frog (well, its probably asleep cause i havent made eyes ore mouth for it yet) and i love the pattern! Its really a gorgeous little frog and i bet my daughter will love it! Im making more of these for shure!
il post a picture of it later today when its had a chanse to smile to the camera ;) have a nice day!

Hugs from Mona and mini-kermit!

Lyisia said...

Hi!! I made your beautiful frog and add a link to your pattern on my blog; you can see it here:

thanks for sharing your pattern, I think I will do more frogs!! :-D

№®@ said...

Love the pattern.
Made two, decided that I could make them into any animal. Did so.

pic here: http://fluizerij.blogspot.com/2010/09/bungels.html

Anonymous said...

Hi! your happy frog pattern is sooo cute!

i'm a beginner at crochet so I'm having some trouble figuring out how to join the arms and legs to the body. could you please explain how to join the arms or direct me to a website that can help me with that?

thanks so much!

sue said...

hello naokotsuki,

i just read your comment .. how with the joining right now? have you figured it out? i will put up a tutorial on it if you wish ..

happy crocheting!

sue said...

i've been visiting every blog and everybody really did a great job on this pattern. i am so happy! .. thank you everybody for your effort!


Anonymous said...

Hello Sue!

Thank you for offering a tutorial but I have figured out how to join the arms!

I have just finished making my happy frog and it looks very cute! This is a wonderful pattern!

Anonymous said...

Loved the little frog! Made one up in a very short amount of time today. Just what I was looking for. Making a set for soon-to-be-born baby. Hat, mittens, booties (still looking for a pattern I like), & a toy. This little guy was a perfect addition! :)


Aku said...

I loved the pattern and I had so much fun making him ;D

So, here you are, the link to the photo on my blog (is in spanish, I'm sorry)

Imagino para ti

flip flop mama said...

Thanks for the pattern! I'm going to make one. I'll send you the link when I'm done! It looks super cute!

flip flop mama said...


I hope that works. It's to my Ravelry page. Thanks again!

Henriette said...


I love your froges and I have made some.
You can see them on my blog, http://handmadebyhenriette.blogspot.com/2011/01/fr.html

Thanks for the pattern ♥

Getting Hooked said...

Hi! I linked your pattern to my blog! I made an Easter Bunny by altering this frog (which I have also made). It turned out really cute, stop by and take a look :-)

Andrea said...

I participated in a green blog hop and shared your blog/pattern there.. check it out at: http://simplyande.blogspot.com/2011/03/treasure-hunt-tuesday-green.html

Thanks so much! Great pattern! TOOOO CUTE!

MISoRu said...

Thank you for your pattern! It's so cute... I've made one little green frog.

Anonymous said...

very cute just reading the pattern, im new at crocheting so i would like to know what "work even" means in your directions for head and body etc thxs shirley

sue said...

thank you shirley .. :D work even means... you just work one sc in each previous sc stitch ... so, you will have no increase or decrease in the shape.. :D

hope this helps! do let me know should you need any help .. :D


Stargazun said...

Cute pattern! Wish I had more buttons sitting around the house but I really just wanted to finish it. I can always make more. If you like, you can check mine out here: Stargazun's Happy Frog

USAnnika said...

I found the frogs on someone else's blog with a link to your blog.
My best friend'll love this frogs.



sue said...

you did a great job on your frog stargazun! well done!

sue said...

Have fun Annika! Enjoy making them for your friend!


Vengy said...

thanks for sharing this cute froggie Sending you some love in return...


mausal said...

Great pattern. Thanks for sharing!
It's really great for beginners and so cute! <3

I did some modification on the hands and legs.
I closed them with a slip stich and put the whole ch-queue through the opposite side whole whole from the sc of the first row.
So the line is in the middle of the hand.

mausal said...

Unfortunately I can't send you an e-mail. So I post the link here. You can write me there if you want to.

sue said...

hi mausal,

my email is seridewi@live.com.my

feel free to write ya! i saw your frog and he's so lovely! you did a great job on him!

svillemuer said...

This frog pattern is wonderful. I just made one for a birthday present!
Thank You for posting your wonderful idea!

Here is my Frog!

LTBer said...

Such a cute little frog!
I'm crocheting one too, with minor modification of the pattern: I crocheted the head and body in one piece. Just added a 13th row to the head: sc 2 tog all around, and then continue with row 2 of the body.

Margaret said...

Thanks for sharing this great little frog pattern! You can find my frog here! I made a keychain.



Marieke said...

oh I love this frog! Thanks for sharing the pattern!

I made the frog this morning. You can find him on my blog:


Happy Green Frog said...

HELLO! I am so happy I found this pattern, or rather someone pointed me to it. I have a busienss on Facebook called 'The Happy Green Frog' !!!!!! Can't wait to make one of these to show people. xx Thank you

Happy Green Frog said...

I have just made on of these frogs, using buttons as eyes. Loved it! Thank you so much, here is the link to my picture of Ms Frog. x


Lei said...

From Vanuatu - Thank you. I tried it the pattern last night and my 7yo daughter loved it!!!

thank you for the free pattern.


Esme said...

Adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Taylor said...

I made one the other day and he turned out awesome!!! Please see him on my blog:

Amanita said...

Thanks for pattern! Great frogs :) That's my boy http://i5.pixs.ru/storage/1/2/1/IMG1721jpg_2670058_5447121.jpg

Punky Wunky said...

Thnx for the pattern . I finally made some happy frogs. Here is a link to my blog. So you can see them:)
I put a link to your blog!

sue said...

thank you everybody for all the kind word and time spent making the frog.. i am more than happy to spread the joy all over the world ... :D keep crocheting and have fun

mg sv said...

Thank you very much for this free pattern. I love making things like this and really appreciate it when kind people like you share your patterns.

Francis said...

Thank you very much...i like!me gusta mucho...
Saludo de España...

Anonymous said...

Love love love these little guys, I'm working on one now and will post pics when finished. So cute!

Nutter Buttersmith said...

Just made one! Check it out in my blogpost: http://nutterbuttersmith.blogspot.com/2013/04/crochet-craze-newborn-edition.html

iCrochetstuff said...

Cute frog! I used your pattern and made 4 other little cuties on a hanger for above baby's crib. I put a link on my blog, hope that's ok! http://icrochetstuff.blogspot.nl/2013/02/beestjesmobiel-boven-het-wiegje.html

Claudia Ileana said...

Lovely!!! <3

Tamara - Moogly said...

So fun! Your pattern was featured on moogly this morning: http://www.mooglyblog.com/free-crochet-frog-patterns/

needs valium said...

Hi i have just made your frog not perfect but am new to toys thank you for the pattern x

Ninna said...


Thanks for the pattern! :)

I just wonder if it is possible for me to translate your pattern into Finnish and share in my blog? Obviously, I'll link to your blog and your pattern and give you credit for the work!

Cik Seri Sue said...


I am more than happy if you'd do so... Please let me know if you done with it .. I'd love to link your page back here :)

have a good day!

Chiara said...

That is so cute. Thanks for sharing. Please visit my blog http://chiaras.global2.vic.edu.au/. Can I please use this pattern, I'll give you full credit.

Ninna said...


I translated pattern. Here's link:


Thanks! :)

Knit'n'Purl said...

Hi Seri, I love your happy frog pattern, a customer asked for a frog, so I used your pattern, and liked it so much I would like to sell more items made from it. I noticed you state that you don't mind this at the bottom of your pattern, so I have created a listing in my Folksy shop, giving you credit for the design and providing a link to this page. Please let me know if this is ok, as I will delete it if not. I don't want to step on your toes, so I thought I would check. Here are my frogs, what do you think? http://folksy.com/items/5147131-Freddy-or-Fiona-Frog-Amigurumi-Toy

Cik Seri Sue said...

Knit'n'Purl, yes you may sell the frogs you've made .. i'm sorry for the late reply .. i've been busy with lots of thing .. I'm so happy you could spread the love and joy with the frogs and also thankful that you put the credit there for me ..

have a wonderful day!

Habka said...

Thank you for this amazing pattern.
My freanch frog:

Cik Seri Sue said...

your frog is so handsome habka .. :) i love his moustache ... ;)

Martha Cordero said...

Hi Cik Seri Sue. I made your little frog, which I love, but I put a pipe cleaner in the arms and legs to make it pose-able. It came out really cute. I have not sold them just made them for my own pleasure. :)


Cik Seri Sue said...

hi martha,

oh my!!!!

that yellow frog is very handsome :) .. the red bow just perfect for him... :)

thank you for sharing!


Kristen Johnson said...

Hi! My dad was just diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer and starts his first chemo treatment tomorrow. I'm pretty new to crochet but wanted to try to find a frog pattern that I could follow so he could take it with him to his treatments (Fully Rely On God - FROG). I found your pattern and loved that they are called happy frogs and thought I'd give it a shot. The pattern was so easy to follow and I just finished his frog. Thank you so very much for having this pattern available! I know he'll love it! Thank You!!!

Cik Seri Sue said...

hi kristen,

i hope your father is in good condition. i am so touched and happy to know that my pattern can contribut so much. thank you for sharing and i wish you and your father all the best .

Clarisse Steekjebijbeetje said...

Hi, thank you for the lovely frog. I have made de frog and you can see him on my dutch blog: http://steekjebijbeetje.blogspot.nl/2016/02/zeg-maar-dag-met-je-handje.html

Lovely greets

Cik Seri Sue said...

Clarisse Steekjebijbeetje,

your frog comes out really handsome .. i love the colour too .. thank you for sharing with me :)

have a lovely day!

Crafty Math Chick said...

Thank you for creating and sharing this cute free pattern! It is very cute.

Cik Seri Sue said...

Crafty Math Chick,

thank you so much :)

i hope you enjoy it


hračky a čepice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
songbird4774 said...

Hi! I'm just confused as to how you start the arms and legs. Do you make them then see them to the body?

songbird4774 said...

Hello. If you have time could you please put up the arm and leg tutorials.

Lenka said...

Hi, it's a nice pattern. I hope you don't mind that I translated it into Czech and put it on my website with the link to your original pattern. (As you can see here: http://hrackyacepice.blogspot.cz/2017/11/hackovana-zabka-prelozeny-navod.html)

Unknown said...

Hello, thank you very much for the frog pattern. I let you make a frog according to your pattern. These frogs have really stolen my heart. I put a link to your blog on my site. Regards. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=578543325832508&id=434241080262734

Unknown said...

Hello, thank you very much for the frog pattern. I let you make a frog according to your pattern. These frogs have really stolen my heart. I put a link to your blog on my site. Regards. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=578543325832508&id=434241080262734

Anonymous said...

I just discovered arigurumi, and your pattern was so cute and easy to make! thank you for sharing :-)