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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bear with Balloon

I've been running here and there a lot recently and I hope it's about time I can slow down and enjoy the time. At this moment, I present you with a special gift. A pattern for "bear with balloon". I first saw such a cutie at haruki's harugurumi blog. I can't resist the cuteness so I try to come out with my own. It's not as cute as Haruki's but I like it and I hope you'll like him too. Kudos to Haruki for the inspiration. ;)

Now, without further ado, here is the pattern:

Pattern Note: the bear and the balloon are made in round but it's not compulsory. I used 3.5mm hook and some 8 ply acrylic scrap. You can use any yarn you like best with suitable hook. You can choose any favourite colour to make your bear too.


R1. 6 sc in a magic ring
R2. 6 inc
R3. (sc, inc)x6
R4. (2sc, inc)x6
R5. (3sc, inc)x6
R6 to R9. sc around
R10. (3sc, dec)x6
R11. (2sc, dec)x6
R12. (sc, dec)x6

Finish off and leave long tail for sewing


R1. 6sc in a magic ring
R2. 6inc

Finish off and leave long tail


R1. 6 sc in a magic ring
R2. 6 inc
R3. (sc, inc)x6
R4. (2sc, inc)x6
R5 to R6. sc around
Change yarn colour if you want to make your bear looks like he's wearing a shirt
R7. sc around
R8. (2sc, dec)x6
R9. sc around
R10. (sc, dec)x6
R11. sc around

Finish off

Ears (make 2)

R1. 6sc in magic ring
R2. 6inc
R3. sc around

Finish off and leave long tail for sewing

Hands (make 2)

R1. 6sc
R2 to R7. sc around

Finish off and leave long tail

Legs (make 2)

R1. 6sc in magic ring
R2. (sc, inc)x3
R3. sc around
R4. (sc, dec)x3
R5 to R6. sc around

Finish off and leave long tail


Now that we have all the parts ready, stuff the head and body and sew them together. Then, sew the muzzle, ears, hands and legs together. I did not stuff the hands and i only stuff lightly in the "bigger" part of the legs. Viola! your bear is ready now! It's time to make the balloons.

Balloons (make as many as you like that can fly your bear far far away)

R1. 6sc in a magic ring
R2. 6inc
R3. (sc, inc)x6
R4. (2sc, inc)x6
R5 to R7. sc around
R8. (2sc, dec)
R9. sc around
R10. (sc, dec)x6
R11. sc around
R12. (sc, dec)x4
R13. 4(dec)

Finish off and leave long tail to tie to the bear's hand. Repeat as many as you want your bear to have the balloons. ;)

Now your bear can go up, up and away!

Note: You can make your bear your own way with the guidance of this pattern. Please DO NOT sell this pattern and do not claim it as yours. It is mine and please have a respect to it if you call yourself an artist. Thank you


haslina said...

maintain comel bear tu.

p/s harap da sihat betul yea dear.

sue said...

thank you has.. saya sihat now.. alhamdulillah.. has macam mana? it's been a while since we last chat ... masih di tempat lama?

Tina said...

He is SO cute! I love him. I make a card for kids that is a bear, with balloons. (I should make you one to send you, huh?) ;P Thank you for sharing the pattern with us. I want to try one, soon. <3

Anita said...

He's adorable Sue! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern with us my friend.

Big hugs,

The Ami Project said...

Hi Sue,
Serena here! Good job on this new pattern. It's SOOO going into my queue.

Hope to hear from you. :D

Millasew said...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing!!

Isa said...

lindo, lindo, lindo!!!!!

Heavenspun said...

I just wanted to say that I think your blog is amazing. So amazing you inspired me to start my own blog. Check it out - http://heavenspun.blogspot.com/

audrey said...

Oh the little teddy is so cute !

thanks for the free pattern

:) Doro (: said...

Oh, he is too cute. I find him a lot cuter than "the original".
Thank you very much for sharing!!

Marloesv said...

This bear is certainly the most lovely bear ever c:

Anonymous said...

It is a very cute bear; definitely cuter than the original balloon bear.

Anonymous said...

cute is it a good pattern?

Elemage said...

Thank you very much for sharing, I'll make one as a gift for a friend...
Have a nice day, and keep up the good work !

Cik Seri Sue said...

Elemage... thank you for visiting my blog. I'd love to see your work. Keep it up! All the best to you :)

Ilse Ryan said...

This is so dawggone cute, thank you for sharing

Poonam Wankhede said...

Awesome post... I am trying this for sure!!!! Thanks a ton for sharing your skills. 💓💓