Amigurumi is my love at first sight. The first time I saw it, I know I'm in love with it. Since then I have been making loads of them. I started to make them out of love and passion and then, came some who really see the beauty of it offers them a new home and I let them go to the good hands.

And now, if you ask me, yes I will answer that I do sell my amigurumis and toys. I am offering every single one that I made for a small fee (except some I might note as not for sale) because I have to buy the yarn indeed. I don't produce them in mass because I believe every single of them has their own character and personality and most of all, they are made with love... and passion. But, I do take customised order should you need them for special occasion because that is what they are meant for.

So, feel free to contact me through email (seridewi@live.com.my) or at facebook page : SERI HANDMADE should you have anything regarding to my work. I am more than happy to serve you for that. But please, serious buyer only and I am focusing on keepsake amigurumi and bears and also baby jackets/item.
Announcing here that I have already started a new blog - Serishoppe for supplies and my handmade items.

Thank you

Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011, Welcome 2012

I had never write a lot before. Actually I want to write longer for this entry but I don't know, let's just see. ;)

Today is the last Friday of 2011, 30th December. Another day and it's New Year of 2012. 2011 taught me loads of things. About life, about love, about happiness, about sadness, fear, joy, friendship, and the list will never end. Maybe I just recap some big events happened to me in 2011 that makes me move forward to 2012 (not in particular order).

1. I got a new boss. A lady boss. She's a bossy as a boss can be. At first I thought it was her who makes my day a hell at work. But someone told me that it's me who has the power to make the day bright and happy.With this, I learnt that happiness lies inside us; but where we are do contributes. ;)

2. I was sick and warded for almost 2 weeks. God knows how painful it was and how scary it's been to have to be in the operation theater for 3 times in 10 days time. With it I learn that Allah listens. And He is Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim. With it too, I learnt about human character. I met the loving, the caring, the selfish, almost everybody and I learnt where I was in some of people I called "important".

3. I was featured in an article in one of leading English newspaper in Malaysia - the Star. My hobby that I love so much - Amigurumi has been acknowledged. With that, I found new friends, I found self confident, I got inspirations and I am happy. :D. I was featured in the same newspaper again recently, on "personalised presents". No face but the thoughts was publish. Makes me want to speak out more and contribute.

4. I took action to what I've been wanting to do all these while - pursuing my study. September 5th was the day I register for my Master Degree and I'm struggling right now (age factor - LOL) and I found that I love learning. I love the knowledge and I started to wonder if I had enough knowledge doing my work all these 13 years.

5. I went to a school reunion. I always had inferiority complex - that's what I always said about myself. I feel embarrassed to meet my classmates, the other kids from other class, I don't know why. But things happened and I was COINCIDENTALLY being at the resort ON the very day the reunion was planned. Actually I planned not to attend but hey! there I was. I learnt that I'm not bad at all. I am good and all my fears are nonsense.

6. I lost a friend to ovarian cancer. She was a joyous friend until the very end. She even laugh and make me laugh during her most painful time. Let's pray for her; may she be blessed. I learn that life life is short and I have to live it to the fullest.

7.All and all, I am happy and blessed with my family; loving husband and three kids that keep me busy and occupied. They make me feel important.

.. and so, for 2012, I wish:

1. I can express myself more in writing, verbal and through my crafts.

2. I want to cherish every moment I have, enjoy every second of the day, being off the office and do what I love to do.

3. I can fulfill some of my dreams that I wrote in my private journal.

4. I can knit ;)

5. Most of all, I am blessed with health and happiness and loved.


Thank you for reading. Have a year full of happiness and joy!

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Yan's Port said...

walau jauh dimata.. sumtime dihati.. the truth is u always there sumwhere deep inside my heart..luv u.. muaahhhss